About Me


This is Jane the owner of Janie's Fabric. My sewing journey began when I was very young, my mother and grandmother played a significant part in sparking my and my sisters interest in sewing and creating things. Most of the clothes my family and I wore was made by my mother and grandmother.

Looking back at some of the things my mother created without any technical training, learning as she goes and there was  no margin for error (sewing was a way to save money) so nothing was thrown out. It reiterates that sewing is a journey and nothing is a mistake it is just repurposed into another design.

I first sat in front of a sewing machine at the age of 12 and the journey began my sister was first to studied fashion design and footwear and passed her knowledge onto me. We spent hours sewing, buying fabric, finding quirky fabric and haberdashery stores (and there was an abundance of them back then).

I studied fashion design and footwear back in 2000, excelling in fabric technology, this was where my love for fabrics grew even more and my fabric stash grew rapidly. After completing my studies, I started a sportswear business.  I started Janie's Fabrics in 2006 in the pursuit of reducing my ever growing stash, the business grew faster then I ever expected my fabric stash grew even more and the rest is history. 23years later I am grateful to still be doing the thing I love the most. And  the pursuit of reducing my fabric stash continues.