About Us

My love of sewing and fashion began at the age of 15 watching my mum and older sister sew I was eager to start sewing myself.  After finishing school I started my career in various office position, it wasn't until I landed my dream career move with Marianna Hardwick where I realised this is were I want to be. The love of fashion and sewing was firmly planted.  While raising a family, I returned to school to study fashion design, now everything made sense, seam allowance, pattern munipulation, godets, fabric technology etc. I started a small business manufacturing school uniforms and sportswear.  In 2006 janies fabrics was born selling remanants online and the business grew quiet quickly in 2015 we opened our first shop in Hampton park.  My love of fashion and sewing is still as strong today as it was many years ago.  Some may say why sew when things are so cheap.  There is nothing more satisfying then completing a garment that you made that fits your body type, I have walked endlessly in boutiques and have come out only with sore feet and frustration becauses the stores can't cater for what I'm looking for.